Originality, uniqueness, excellence, avant-garde: our core values. Sirtlife is born, the exclusive brand that takes supplements to a higher level.

About Us

Sirtlife Corporation is an American company who studies and produces a natural food supplements line capable to efficiently stimulate  the Sirtuins, proteins with proven beneficial properties, regulate important pathways in bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes. Sirtuins are highly expressed in skeletal muscles, brain, heart, liver, and thymus.
Age-related decrease in the ability to repair DNA, causes increased damage accumulation and, in consequence, cell senescence. Sirtuins are indispensable for DNA repair, controlling inflammation and antioxidative defense which makes them good anti-senescence/anti-ageing targets.


Some of the most famous and accredited international investors have believed and invested in the company Sirtlife Corp.

The team is currently composed by experienced executives, and a group of partners and professionals, with extensive combined experience in start-ups structuring, managing, marketing and pharma.


Furthermore, the team can also count on the scientific skills of some luminaries in the medical field, Universities and Research Centers of international fame.


Following the success of a pilot test conducted on SIRT500 and SIRT500 Plus on the Italian market, achieving international success especially in Italy and USA. The company recently launched a more powerful version of the same product and expanded the Sirtlife line with new products based on the latest and most sensational scientific research. From the end of 2021 Sirtlife officially becomes international with new distributors in Europe and the USA.